Classic and rustic doors in Ibiza with all the essence of natural wood, modern and avant-garde styles that provide spaciousness and light. Giving it an exclusive service, focused on our client and applying a continuous improvement in the quality of new technologies.

At Muñoz y Velasco we have a wide catalog of doors for all types of home styles and needs, and even upon request. All our doors offer the glass and sliding version. In addition, we have different types of fittings to customize our door to our style.

Find the door that best suits you.

Lacquered doors

Our lacquered doors are characterized by their resistance and durability. They are coated with a layer of lacquer, which is applied through the spraying process, achieving a clean result without imperfections.

Doors for hotels

They are specific doors, which we bring under request. Our doors for hotels are adapted to the current regulations on fire resistance and acoustics and are manufactured to maintain privacy, security and maximum comfort in addition to having an aesthetic integrated with the design of the accommodation.

Veneered doors

These are doors that stand out in their popularity for being economical and practical. Chipboard doors have a superior range in the modern line.

Entrance doors

The entrance doors that are part of our catalog are characterized by being resistant security doors, which acoustically and thermally isolate the house.

Modern Line Doors

This is a line of smooth, modern doors, without the traditional moldings and with a very stylized decoration that integrates with the design of the home.

Solid doors

Doors manufactured exclusively with solid wood. They are sturdy doors whose characteristic is that they are very good insulators inside the house from the thermal point of view.

Sliding doors

Sliding wooden doors with a modern decoration that gives a feeling of spaciousness. We have two types of sliding doors, where we differentiate with metallic drawer or exterior wall.


Windows and shutters

Thermal and acoustic insulation is essential for a home. And if we also want to bring warmth and design, our bet is our custom-made wooden windows and shutters that also highlight the great energy savings they provide.

Boards and Chests of Drawers

We have a wide selection of laminated and veneered boards that we can offer custom-made.


  • Melamines: White, Beech, Oak, Iroko, Cherry and Textile.
  • Marine, Waterproof MDF, Raw MDF.

We also have melamine drawer units with high quality details. They can be assembled or in kit.


  • Widths: 40-50-60-70-80 cm
  • Height: 70,5 cm Depth: 45 cm

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